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There are many bus companies that ply the Singapore to Malacca route. Although some depart from other parts of Singapore, it’s most practical to use the ones departing from Golden Mile. You can shop around for your ticket and purchase it for the next day, as buses depart in the early morning from 7.30AM to 9.00AM and most travel agencies are not open at that time. My own experience was traveling by Grassland in their standard tour bus “Super VIP”. It was rather luxurious as buses go – spacious, clean, and a working air-conditioning.

Grassland Super VIPGrassland Bus InteriorGrassland Bus Seatscauseway

Price:About $30 (one way departing Fri/Sat) $23-25 (one way departing Sun-Thurs). Slightly cheaper (approx 10% off) if you buy a return trip.

Departure Time From Singapore: From 7.30-9.00AM depending on the bus company. You must be there half an hour before for “check-in”.

Duration: 5hrs travel time with a smooth immigration and no stops. Ask how many stops there’ll be when purchasing the ticket and factor in an additional 30 minutes per stop.

Bus Companies I have tried: Grassland (Tel: +65 6293 1166, Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road #01-26), Konsortium (Tel : +65 6392 3911, Golden Mile Tower – 6001 Beach Road #01-52B). How to get to Golden Mile Complex.

Pro Tip #1: When travelling from Singapore to Malaysia by bus, buy a one-way ticket in Singapore, then buy a return ticket once you get there. It will usually only cost you about half of what you pay. For example, a Malacca to Singapore ticket costs SGD $22 if purchased in advance from Singapore, but only SGD $13 if purchased in Malacca. The obvious downside to this is not being able to get a confirmed seat.

Pro Tip #2: You can leave your belonging on the bus at Departure Halls, but will need to bring them along to clear Customs at Arrival Halls. For example, on the bus from Golden Mile to the Singapore side of immigration, you may leave your luggage on the bus as you exit Singapore. However, after you drive across the bridge and enter Malaysia, you will need to bring all your belongings with you.

Wondering what to do? Grab a bite at Jonker Street in Malacca!

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